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Congressman George Holding

Representing the 13th District of North Carolina

Congressman Holding Statement on Government Shutdown

Oct 1, 2013
Press Release
For Immediate Release: October 1, 2013
Contact: Lindsay Hamilton, 202-225-3032
Congressman Holding Statement on the Government Shutdown
 WASHINGTON, D.C. – After the Senate refused to compromise to avoid a government shutdown, Congressman George Holding released the following statement:
“Instead of working with Congress, the President and Senate Democrats have repeatedly refused to negotiate and find a solution that would keep the government open. The President has expressed a willingness to negotiate with Russia, Iran, and Syria  – but somehow, he refuses to talk with our own Congress. There is no reason why that for the past few days, the President and Senate Democrats couldn’t come to the table and find a compromise to keep the government open while providing fairness for all Americans when it comes to Obamacare.
The President has handed out exemptions and delays from Obamacare to his well-connected friends but refuses to compromise to provide relief for all Americans and their families. This recent fight over Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution was about fairness - fairness for all Americans.
I have continually opposed the idea that we need to shut down the government, and the House has worked to pass numerous bills that would have prevented a shutdown. The fact is that the President and Senate Democrats refused to negotiate and only want to have it their way. Although they may have talked about wanting a bipartisan solution – that was just not the case.
Over the last days I have voted repeatedly to fund the government – while reducing wasteful and bloated spending. I will remain ready, with my colleagues in the House, to find a path forward to fund the government while protecting individual Americans and their families from the largest intrusion of the federal government into one of the most personal aspects of our lives – our healthcare.”