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Congressman George Holding

Representing the 13th District of North Carolina

Congressman Holding Statement on Possible U.S. Military Action in Syria

Aug 27, 2013
Press Release
For Immediate Release: August 27, 2013
Contact: Lindsay Hamilton, 202-225-3032
Congressman Holding Statement on Possible U.S. Military Action in Syria
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman George Holding released the following statement in reaction to recent reports that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on Syrian citizens and that President Obama is considering a United States military response:
"The Assad regime’s disregard for the lives of its own citizens is deeply troubling and the attacks last week send a clear message that they will stop at nothing to hold onto power as long as possible.

Any military operation executed by the United States – whether conducted with or without our allies – must be done to achieve a clear and well-defined objective. A potential American military response must be an effective use of our military superiority and not merely carried out to adhere to ill-conceived and ill-defined 'red-lines.'

I believe that if military action in Syria is being contemplated, Congress must reconvene to partake in this debate. Should the President decide to move forward with an armed response to the atrocity in Damascus, Members of Congress must be advised, consulted, and have the opportunity to weigh-in, and I stand ready to return to Washington to do just that.”